Wildlife Pharmaceuticals offers compounding of a range of prescribed injectable medicines for veterinarians within South Africa. On receipt of a valid prescription, we are able to compound your desired product from any of the following active pharmaceutical ingredients, alone or in combination, at the desired concentration:

  • Thiafentanil oxalate
  • Naltrexone HCl
  • Etorphine HCl
  • Diprenorphine HCl
  • Midazolam HCl
  • Butorphanol tartrate
  • Azaperone (as the tatrate)
  • Ketamine HCl
  • Medetomidine HCl
  • Atipamezole HCl
  • Haloperidol (as the lactate)


We have the following unregistered products available on request:

  • Ketamine HCl 200 mg/ml (10 ml)
  • BAM – butorphanol 30 mg : azaperone 12 mg : medetomidine 12 mg per ml (10 ml)

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