We are aware of a company conducting business under the name and trading style SA Wildlife Pharmaceuticals, and now also Vedmed Pharmaceuticals in South Africa and beyond. We are Wildlife Pharmaceuticals (Pty) Ltd and you are hereby notified that we are in no way affiliated or connected with this company, its owners or any products commercialised by it. This company promotes and sells unregistered scheduled medicines in contravention to various laws and regulations. In the interests of animal safety and welfare, caution is advised when dealing with this company as the safety and efficacy of the products appears to be unregulated.  Should you be contacted by SA Wildlife Pharmaceuticals please refer the enquiry to our legal team at


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Wildlife Pharmaceuticals (Pty) Ltd


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Our Vision


“Conservation Excellence through Pharmaceutical Advancement"




We are a proudly South African pharmaceutical manufacturing company, which specializes in medicines used by wildlife veterinarians, game managers, zoo keepers and scientists worldwide, backed by a strong Research and Development Department. Our specialties are focused on, but not limited to, developing, manufacturing, testing and registering products to ensure effective, safe and ethical manipulations of wildlife.





Development of the routes of synthesis of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API’s)

Molecular Research



Manufacturing of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API’s)

KoeGer Science



Manufacturing and small batch injectables

Kwalisa Sterile Filling



 In-house and contractual research and product testing

WPSA Research



Registration and Distribution of scheduled veterinary products

WPSA Products



Chemical Immobilization Courses and Conservation Medicine Courses


Technology Transfer



Suppliers of Pneu-Dart Remote Drug Delivery Systems



About Us

Our Difference


We offer clients the confidence of knowing that the products have been developed by a company that has in-field experience and the clinical back-up to deliver industry-leading results. Being actively involved in the wildlife management field gives us an edge in knowing what is necessary to develop and pursue, and what challenges to overcome before releasing newer and better products to the industry.



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At Wildlife Pharmaceuticals we are dedicated to be actively involved in new research and developments in the pharmaceutical industry. Find out more on our latest news, milestones and events.



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Our team has been handpicked and grown with our company to ensure our people believe in our products. Our clients do not just buy our products, but share in our ideas.



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Social Responsibility

At Wildlife Pharmaceuticals we are committed to incorporate initiatives and opportunities in both the wildlife industry and communities worldwide. We believe in doing more than just staying in touch.



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